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About PHS

Pinch Hitter Solutions is a software development firm.  We build web apps, mobile apps and custom enterprise solutions in response to complex business requirements. We put your applications where you need them –in a browser, on a smartphone and on tablets. 

PHS uses Sencha’s Ext JS and Sencha’s Touch framework as its primary front-end development libraries.  We began building web apps with Ext JS in 2007, incorporated Sencha Touch for mobile in 2010 and then Sencha Modern.   PHS also provides expert level experience using Xcode / Cordova for mobile. Our expertise includes the most current versions of Ext JS MVVM.

In addition, PHS has tremendous graphic design acumen and experience.  We are focused on effective UI/UX design, branding, workflow and overall look and feel.  We use the latest in HTML5, SVG and CSS3 advancements including effective tooling with SASS and Compass; we also design with Photoshop, Illustrator and more. 

We support a variety of backend technologies such as Java and its more popular web frameworks like Spring and Struts.   We also support PHP and all of the typical enterprise level relational databases such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, GraphQL and others. 

PHS has extensive background with AS/400 (IBMi) technology, including  vast modernization experience. We have helped a variety of customers to develop hybrid solutions that provide a modern user experience and extends their investment in the IBMi.

PHS has qualified and talented staff for building software using various technologies. We also possess expert level design skills; we have considerable depth in quality assurance, project management, technical writing, teaching, mentoring, speaking, delivering presentations and social media management. 



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CIO at CNX Corporation

CNX Corporation has used Pinch Hitter Solutions for various Ext JS and Sencha Touch projects over the last two years. We primarily use them when we have a large workload and need extra help to get jobs done. They have delivered on time and on budget for CNX every time. Scott Salisbury at PHS is particularly great with Sencha Touch. I can highly recommend PHS if you have Ext JS or Sencha Touch projects and you need to outsource the entire project or if you just need some help.

Richard Milone

Director of Marketing and Product Management at Clario

We hired Pinch Hitters to develop the Analytics module for our radiology workflow product, zVision. Living up to their name, Pinch Hitters stepped in and quickly became part of our team. They participated in all our daily standup calls, adapted to our code standards and development style, and helped us develop a high quality product for our customers. We look forward to working with the Pinch Hitters team again in the future.

Sara Larsen

President at benefits information group, Healthcare 311

We engaged Pinch Hitter Solutions to help us make Healthcare 311, our web-based walk-in health clinics locator, truly smartphone-friendly. Scott and his team delivered - and then some! As everyone knows, technical skills are necessary but not sufficient to make a project like this a success. PHS brings Fortune 100-grade project management skills to project specification, quoting, prototyping, testing and deployment. All this while maintaining both professional AND personable client communications. Our locator serves hundreds of users every day, and the share of traffic from smartphone users has soared in recent months. PHS's work enabled us to give that vital, fast-growing share of our user base a superlative experience, across all types of devices (including some we've never heard of). Scott and his team also made & implemented several suggestions for improving our usage reporting processes - highly valuable to the sponsors and investors whose happiness means almost as much to us as that of our users. We couldn't be more satisfied, and look forward to working with Pinch Hitter on project extensions we are already dreaming up!

Gregory Judd

Founder at Learning Engines

I have, in closed beta, a web application which gives semi-intelligent, instantaneous feedback to sentences students compose in a foreign language. Pinch Hitter Solutions has brought to the table in-depth knowledge not only of the Ext libraries (both current and legacy) and principles of solid UI design, but also timely advice and help with web frameworks, server-side business logic (Java in this case), and effective database design. Furthermore, every development tool recommended in these areas has been spot-on, delivering immediate returns in productivity with each investment. Scott's understanding of web development runs both deep and wide, well past the scope of this project. Far beyond his considerable coding skills, Scott also brings to the table patience and perspective gained through years in the field. He is not simply a person who can deliver solutions; he can also advise what solutions should be delivered, how, and why. Over and over, Scott has functioned for me like high-beam headlights, enabling me to avoid time-wasting snags in development before I reached them.

George Reitz

IT Applications Development Manager at Kenco

Scott Salisbury with Pinch Hitter Solutions, LLC was hired as a contract architect and developer to assist Kenco Logistic Services, LLC (KLS) with the development and implementation of a web based Yard Management System (YMS) in the fall of 2008. KLS had identified Java as the technology of choice for the development of the YMS and Scott was chosen specifically because of his dynamic expertise in this area. Scott quickly became a key asset on the project as he brought a vast amount of knowledge related to the Java technologies and tools needed to develop the YMS system. He recommended several technologies, including the ExtJS JavaScript framework, which has proven to provide rich and sustainable web applications, not to mention the eye-catching look and feel it offers with its styling and AJAX effects. Additionally, Scott provided the training and knowledge transfer needed to give the KLS staff the necessary skills to continue future development and support of the YMS and other systems. While working with Scott, I found him to have a strong work ethic, be knowledgeable, honest and conscientious. He understands not only the technology aspect, but also understands customer service and was always willing to do whatever it took to get the job done and satisfy our customers.

CEO at Terra GIS Ltd

I hired Pinch Hitter Solutions on several occasions to help us with work related to Web mapping solutions we where building. They developed a custom built framework including both client (ExtJS) and server side (PHP) to house our entire application. They did an absolutely terrific job and seamlessly integrated the web mapping parts (we where working on) into the main framework. The overall framework included user authentication and user specific access rights (to parts of the application such as menus and functionality), and integration with an PostgreSQL database. They also addressed specific software requirements we had for the web mapping application – that is we had to have ext3.4 and ext4. integrated and running seamlessly at the same time. Scott and his team is very responsive to requests and quick to answer any questions. In the final phases of the projects they have been excellent in wrapping up and fixing any remaining issues, going above and beyond our initial agreement. Other work they did for us included custom ExtJS migration work - from ExtJS version 2.2 to update to v 3.4 , and migration from ExtJS v 3.4 to update to v4.1. I absolutely recommend Pinch Hitter Solutions and would hire them again at any time.

Karsten Vennemann